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We take care of the entire import process and take care of all the paperwork from purchase to delivery on your Dutch registered Car.

The Process:

  • Phase 1. We search for your desired New or Used Vehicle
  • Phase 2. For used Vehicles, we Investigate the Service history, condition of the car inside and out and any possible damage history
  • Phase 3. We negotiate the best price with the Dealer
  • Phase 4. We complete purchase contracts
  • Phase 5. We organise your payment in the required currency
  • Phase 6. We provide Insured transport of the car to The Netherlands
  • Phase 7. We Arrange Inspection at the RDW Centre and Registration on      Dutch number plates
  • Phase 8 . You Drive your New Car knowing you saved money!


After you chosen your desired Vehicle, we will search for your desired car and we will send you the top 3 of our selection by email. If you have found a car in another Country, you can send us the link of the advertisement so that we can contact the selling party. Once your choice is made, we will calculate and offer the car including all costs and taxes. This way you know exactly where you stand and there are no hidden surprises post sale.

The delivery time is dependent on build time for new vehicles, the location of used and local taxes where applicable. Our aim is to deliver as soon as humanly possible but occasionally small delays can be experienced which is out of our control.

The prices of the cars as offered on our website are the end prices including all import costs and taxes.

If you prefer to pick up the car yourself from the seller, we can provide you with a temporary registration number to take you to Spain, but take into consideration that only 3 rd party coverage is possible, All-Risk coverage is not possible on a 14-day German license plate. Therefore we recommend that our logistics department takes care of this for you.

We specialize in the Porsche brand, but other brands such as BMW, Land Rover Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and other exotics are not strange to us either. We are aware that top brands are also expected to provide top service and we will do everything in our power to purchase your new car to your full satisfaction.

The cars listed on our website under the menu button "offer" are available at dealers abroad. We do not have cars in stock and only deliver on order.


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