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About us

Welcome to Luxe Cars Import.

Luxecars Import was established in 2012  and was born out of a  pure passion for exclusive cars. We initially specialised in importing nearly new or demonstration Porsches mainly from Germany. As our business has grown we can now deliver all brands in the high- end segment with discounts that are not available to individuals.

With our large network, knowledge and experience we are able to import your dream car with a considerable saving, which quickly runs into the thousands of Euros.

Importing a used car from Germany offers more benefits than only the price. The cars typically have a better spec, there is a much larger offering and experience has shown us that used cars are typically better maintained!

On our offer page, you will find an offering of cars selected by us but if you find a car yourself in another Country than we can help with the entire import process. We have shipped Cars all over the World

We only buy cars from Official Dealerships or suppliers that have repeatedly demonstrated similar Brand Ethics to ours – Reputation is everything in Business.

Our offering is Transparent and our Business has grown based on returning customers and recommendation, read our client testimonials on Facebook.

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